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Commercial Fuels
Commercial Fuels in use in construction by large commercial vehicles

Building better supply networks.

Construction relies on a complex system of suppliers and trades working harmoniously. When that system relies on fuel to ensure timely progress, you can rely on us. Reduce downtime and costs with on-site access to fuel supplies. We provide fuel delivery and loaner tanks to construction sites throughout the province.

Commercial Fuels in use by the mining industry

Dig deep. We’ll stay on top of your fuel supplies.

Mining is a large venture that requires an even larger stock of fuel. We can ship and supply commercial fuels and storage equipment to any site quickly and efficiently. Rely on our expert delivery team to automatically maintain your reserves and ensure production is never put on hold.

Agriculture is fueled by North Atlantic

Agriculture fuels the world. We fuel agriculture.

Direct-to-farm delivery ensures your harvest stays on schedule. Our modern equipment is safe and durable, ideal for farms and other exposed natural environments. Focus on smart farming decisions while we take care of maintaining and stocking your agriculture fuel and lubricant supplies.

Vessels in the Marine industry are fueled by North Atlantic

Depend on us, even in rough waters.

Keep vessels on schedule with our reliable Marine Oil services. Strategic supply locations enable quick service to any port on the island, or for shipment to locations in Atlantic Canada or the eastern seaboard of the United States. Rely on our dedicated team for smooth sailing.

Service, Coverage and Distribution


Our technicians are industry experts. Our sale representatives are knowledgeable. Our delivery staff is quick. Every person on the North Atlantic team is someone like you – proud of where they’re from and how they can help. Whether you need pre-scheduled, automated or on-call service, you can rely on us. Our goal is to be a full service supplier that’s fully dependable.


We’re strategically positioned to supply fuels and lubricants to almost anywhere across the island. We can reach most destinations quickly and efficiently. Our dedicated shipping fleet and dock access in Come By Chance enables reliable shipment of fuel to local regions and beyond.


We have the resources to supply and ship fuel, lubricants and service equipment to clients across most of the island. Whether you need direct, automated fuel services, or a full suite of tanks, pumps and on-site equipment, our dedicated delivery team works expeditiously to ensure fuel is always delivered on time.


When your business relies on fuel to get where you’re going, you can rely on us. We service commercial and industrial clients all across Newfoundland. From manufacturing operations and mobile fueling stations, to fuelling fleets for transport, North Atlantic is your best source for high-quality, competitively priced fuel products. Call us for fast, dependable service delivered direct to your business whenever you need it.


Dion Ottenheimer
cell: 1-709-765-1917