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Rising Electricity Costs? There’s No Pain with Propane.

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    Due to Muskrat Falls cost overruns, electricity prices are expected to double in this province by 2022.

    Have you considered propane as a primary source of heat? Propane is an efficient energy source that can power everything from your furnace and hot water tank to your fireplace, stove, barbecue, and more. And, hey, propane will still be there when the power goes out. Intrigued? Book a free assessment today and we will tell you what it would cost to switch to propane.

    YAY! pays.

    Yet another benefit of switching your home heating to propane with North Atlantic? You’ll earn YAY! points on your home heat purchases!.

    Here’s why it pays to have a YAY! card:

    • You collect points on all gas, snacks, and home heating fuel purchases.
    • Points can be redeemed at any North Atlantic and Orangestore location across the island.
    • Use your points on almost anything in store,* including gas.

    * Before tax. Points may not be redeemed for tobacco products, beer, alcohol, or bill payments. For more information, visit the YAY! Rewards Terms and Conditions and FAQ pages.

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